"70 years serving Belize"

About us

Emilio Ahmad & Sons Ltd. is a privately owned business that has dedicated its services to the Belizean people for over 70 years. We understand the needs of our people and we will continue to offer excellent services. We are driven by passionate, talented, and hard-working people. We value long term relationships with suppliers and customers. We import leading brands from all over the world and make them #1 in Belize.

Our Mission…

Guided by Tradition, Commitment, Integrity, and Ethics; our mission is to maintain a vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take leadership while conserving our commitment to tradition and high standards

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  • BIC Products
    I can say they’re producing only quality products. From shavers, pens, lighters, and many many more.
  • BIC - Disposable Razors
    I have used disposable razors for over a decade now, and for me, BIC is usually the cheapest and by far the best. They seem to last forever! When I have used other products, they're mostly twin blades, and if I have a few days growth then one shave spells the end of that razor. But the BIC I can use many times over even with a fair bit of growth. Has to be the best value for money in disposable razors.
  • BIC Pens & Razors
    I've been using Bic pens and Razors for DECADES and have never been disappointed. Thanks for the quality products. It's great to have a brand I can trust!
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