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  • BIC Products
    I can say they’re producing only quality products. From shavers, pens, lighters, and many many more.
  • BIC - Disposable Razors
    I have used disposable razors for over a decade now, and for me, BIC is usually the cheapest and by far the best. They seem to last forever! When I have used other products, they're mostly twin blades, and if I have a few days growth then one shave spells the end of that razor. But the BIC I can use many times over even with a fair bit of growth. Has to be the best value for money in disposable razors.
  • BIC Pens & Razors
    I've been using Bic pens and Razors for DECADES and have never been disappointed. Thanks for the quality products. It's great to have a brand I can trust!
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